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Recent polling by Gallup and Pew Research suggest that American's have conflicting views about the performance of government in the US Today. Most do not understand where responsibilities are divided or shared. One citizen claimed that he was thrilled with his public utilities such as trash disposal, running water, and sewage services. But, extremely disappointed in military waste and spending. StarGov products will help educate and communicate the excellence of your entity. StarGOV aims to help local entities shine in the local services they provide.

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Infobytes GIS


StarGOV Apps and Websites include basic location and directions maps. People will easily be able to locate venues and events. StarGOV's mapping solution also includes directions to locations via auto, bicycle, public transport, and walking. Using Google's API, Opensource solutions our engineers bring stellar GIS/Mapping components. 

Custom GIS solutions for your entity are also available, including private and secure maps for your entity. Please visit InfoGIS for more information about custom GIS servers and available Time Block Retainers.

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Ampitheater, Sports, and Events

Online Ticket Sales with Reserve Seating Options

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Award Winning

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Analytics prove that when the entity's staff enjoy updating the website/app the actual website/app is used more. The website/app is a tool to lighten staff's load, increase productivity and makes it easier for constituents to find information and conduct important business.
StarGOV is fun and easy to use for your staff and constituents.

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“Updating the city's site is so fun, it doesn't even feel like I'm working.”
--actual customer quote

Better Government at Less Cost

Entities using StarGOV Components has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. An entity in Northern Utah gained $83,000 a mere four months after deploying our Parking Ticket System. The same entity had a 10% decrease in crime after deploying our Good Landlord Program. 
StarGOV: Better Government at Less Cost.

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StarGOV is an award winning platform exclusively for governmental entities committed to excellence. This includes a firm foundation of serving your community with intelligent automation that enables you to bring greater goodwill and humanity to your community. 
Most local entities are accepted, however it is not guaranteed. 

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WHAT OUR Clients say

Provo City
Wayne Parker - CAO

"...incredible on our web redesign project. They took our brainstormed ideas and made them reality, even when we had not seen anyone do it before. The team was very knowledgeable and creative in finding solutions. ...The partnership between our organization and Infobytes has been a huge positive.”

Ann Nielson - Shianne Wadley
Utah Risk Mutual Association

"Infobytes has been super timely and worked well with the budget we gave them. Infobytes went above and beyond for the projects we were hoping to do, they'd schedule meetings and walk us through their process and teach us how to best utilize our website. I think if we could have changed one thing, it would probably have been to reach out to them more often for questions and/or updates we wanted."