"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness." --Oscar Wilde

Many of our included components have been made into standalone programs and sometimes the only application a company provides. Of course, those various companies would never admit they emulated what we did, but we can safely say we've been around much longer (1995). That's all we're saying.

Before you pop thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, for a program that is already included with StarGOV and/or available for much less with the same or better efficiency, review what we offer in the growing and improving list below:

Emergency Vehicle
Water Treatment

Main Website/Mobile App
Professionally designed, matching your logo, navigation and color scheme--you administer the rest! No programs to buy, you can manage your great looking site from your web browser!


Get the pulse on your community.


Upload, archive, and post agendas and minutes for all your committees and task forces. Optional sunset script to remove outdated material automatically.


Press Releases, Public Service Announcements and Media Kits.

Jobs & RFP’s

Post jobs opportunities and Post Request For Proposals, with a sunset script to remove outdated material automatically.

Good Landlord Program

The Good Landlord Program was developed for Ogden City in 2004 brought an 11.6% reduction in crime that first year. The custom program has been made available to all our Public Entities.

Search Engine

Search your entire site, specific areas of your site, options to search the entire net.


Live feeds from the weather source the major news channels get their weather feeds.

Yellow Pages

Enhance the businesses in your community by providing Yellow Page information for only your city.

Newsletter & E-mail Lists

Quickly get the word out!

Social Media Integrations
Schedule routine social media posts and announcements

Events Calendar

What’s happening and when. Option to have outside organizations post events (not live until a designated person on city staff approves the event).

Online Transactions
Accept online payments for various services (ex. recreation sign-ups, utility billing, parking tickets, etc.).

Treatment Plant

Interactive Forms
Single entry forms are the ideal. Start the process for applications, licenses, requests, even work orders digitally. If someone needs a paper form or application, you can easily have paper forms available. However, more and more will expect forms available digitally. If you haven't finished digitizing your forms, please call us. Our forms component is included wth StarGOV. It can also be purchased as a standalone application.

Request Service Tracking System

Citizens can request service which is automatically forwarded to appropriate department. A unique request number is generated in which they can follow the status of their issue online. E-mail and phone calls are used by city personnel for follow up. This is a wonderful management tool as well.

Live Support

A “receptionist” on your website (typing, like popular instant messaging programs, only better): Answer questions, transfer calls to different departments, take messages, automatically “push” visitors to various pages on site & record important conversations.


One of the coolest components of the StarGov engine! This part is really predicated on your information and maps. In short, if you have a good GIS system, we can bring a simple version of it to the web.


Let your visitors choose which language they would like to read your information. With the click of a drop down menu, your website will switch languages.

Mobile Apps 

Website pages fully integrated with smart phone applications for your entity.

Site Selector
Bring new business to your area.


Not open to the public. Communications and information flowing within the city. Calendars available for human resource scheduling (ex. vacation days request, sick leave, etc.).

In the Cloud
Hosting Environment

Your internet website and your intranet will be hosted on a stellar hosting environment. We have a 99% uptime track record.

Fire Fighters

 eligibility Requirements

There are three main aspects we want in our StarGOV clientele: 1. An active Cyber-Security Plan; 2. A verified Public Entity with a determination of your status as a political subdivision, instrumentality of government, and/or your revenue is exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 11. 3. Strong Leadership with forsight into how your entity will utilize the money and time saved to continue benefiting your constituents.

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